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The Funny History of Cake Decorating: A Journey of Sweetness, Creativity, and Lots of Buttercream

The Funny History of Cake Decorating:  A Journey of Sweetness, Creativity, and Lots of Buttercream

Moms, let's face it: we love buying cakes for our kids. We love seeing their faces light up with joy as they blow out the candles, smush their fingers in the frosting, and finally take a big bite of that delicious, sugar-laden goodness. But have you ever wondered about the history of cake decorating? How did we get from a simple, flour-and-water cake to the multi-tiered, fondant-covered confections we see today? Well, let's take a trip down memory lane and find out. And don't worry, I'll try to make it as short as possible.

First things first: did you know that cake decorating dates all the way back to ancient Egypt? Yep, those clever Egyptians figured out how to bake cakes and then decorate them with fruit and nuts. They even had a goddess of baking and beer, named Hathor, who was sometimes depicted with a cake on her head. I mean, who wouldn't want a cake on their head, am I right?

ancient egypt baking and decorating cakes

Moving on to ancient Greece and Rome, cakes were also a big deal. In fact, the Greeks would bake cakes in honor of their gods and goddesses, and the Romans would decorate their cakes with intricate designs made from icing sugar. But things really started to get interesting in medieval Europe, when cake decorating became a sign of wealth and status. The more elaborate your cake, the more impressive you were. And let me tell you, those medieval folks knew how to decorate a cake. They would use marzipan, sugar paste, and even gold leaf to create intricate designs and sculptures. Can you imagine showing up to a kid's birthday party with a cake covered in gold leaf? Talk about a flex.

greek women eating cakes, happy and laughing

Fast forward a few centuries to the 19th and 20th centuries, when cake decorating really took off. With the invention of baking powder and other leavening agents, cakes became lighter and fluffier, and thus more conducive to decorating. And with the rise of mass production and industrialization, cake decorating became more accessible to the masses. Suddenly, you didn't need to be a nobleman or a skilled artisan to decorate a cake. You just needed some buttercream, a piping bag, and a dream.

1900's Moms making and baking and decorating cakes

Which brings us to today, where cake decorating has reached new heights (and depths). We've got cakes shaped like unicorns, cakes that look like hamburgers, cakes covered in edible glitter, and cakes that are literally suspended in mid-air. I mean, have you seen those gravity-defying cakes? How do they do that? I suspect magic, but it might just be a lot of sugar and engineering.

game of thrones cake with a dragon and a dragon egg edible cake topper

So, moms, what have we learned today? Well, for one thing, cake decorating has come a long way since ancient Egypt. And for another thing, it's never too late to start decorating your own cakes. Sure, you might not be able to make a cake that looks like a dragon, but you can certainly make a cake that tastes delicious and makes your kid smile. And who knows, maybe one day you'll be the one with a cake on your head. After all, anything is possible in the world of cake decorating.

modern mommy doing diy cake decorating with her kids

Thanks for reading, and happy cake decorating (and eating)!

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Hi. What is the name of the book shown above in your blog? I could not see the whole cover. It seems interesting. Is it European? Thanks.

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